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We’re Shedsoda, a family business making all natural sodas from fresh fruits, herbs, and spices.

The story of soda starts in Leeds, just like ours. A chemist and philosopher called Joseph Priestley invented it here in 1767 and called it ‘Water Impregnated with Fixed Air’. At first it was famed for its supposed health benefits, but nowadays soda isn’t thought of as much more than a sugary quick-fix when you’re thirsty, or something to knock back with some food.

One afternoon I was sitting with my sister drinking one of the cordials our mum had been making us since we were little (this one was elderflower and mint). Over the course of my sister and I’s lifetimes our mum has made hundreds of all-natural cordials and juices using fresh, fruits, herbs, and spices, using methods of extracting fruity flavours that have been handed down from our grandmother. She used these to make my sister and I ‘eat’ more fruit and veg when we were going through our ‘chicken nuggets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner’ stage so very rarely did she dive into the sugar tin. Anyway, that afternoon we were having a moan about the state of contemporary soda and wondered why no one seemed bothered, until we finally realised we each had a glass of the solution sat in front of us. The name Shedsoda was excitedly put forward straight away as we’d only have space to make soda in the shed, and right away we started the process of adapting mum’s cordials into full flavoured, exciting sodas. We’re a mix of a botanist, a designer, and an ecologist so we put each of our expertise to good use.

One thing high on our agenda is sustainability, which is why we use local suppliers as much as possible, and our seasonal sodas will reflect this (keep an eye out for new sodas every couple of months or so). We want to overhaul how people perceive soft drinks, and get everyone asking questions about what’s in them. We’re only at the beginning, and the excitement we felt right away is still with us. With your support we can keep it going and change soda for good.

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  1. Hi there. Wanted to exchange contact details following the twitter exchange. Could you send over your product range and price list?



  2. Hi Laura,

    Sure, before I do can I ask where you’re getting in touch with us from?



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