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Seasonal Flavour – Yorkshire Rhubarb
We make this using produce from the world renowned Rhubarb Triangle, which is just 15 minutes down the road from us. We go early in the morning directly to the farm of E. Oldroyd & Sons to collect our Rhubarb, and by the next morning we’re bottling our soda.

Lemon & Mint
We took a classic old-fashioned lemonade and packed it full of mint. This is one we used to drink all the time as kids, and we loved it. Now we’re older we love it even more, especially with gin.

Orange & Passionfruit
A popular soft drink flavour, but we always thought the rest tasted false and sugary. We took mum’s recipe for orange and passionfruit juice, and transformed it into a soda that’s bursting with real fruit, as it should be.

Lemon & Lime
Another one we were convinced we could do better because we refuse to use anything artificial. We took mum’s cordial recipe of old and brought it into being as a super fresh soda where the lemon and lime combine to give it a crisp flavour, with a bit of bite.

2 thoughts on “Our Soda

  1. I tried the Yorkshire rhubarb soda today at upshot, it was really lovely. Been looking for supplies since . Reminded me of my childhood when my mum also used to make cordials. Beautiful everyone should try these.

  2. Hi Sonia,
    Really glad to hear you enjoyed it! Do let us know what you think if you try any others as well.

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